Canada’s premiers discuss delaying the legalization of marijuana

Details such as traffic safety, age of majority and health impacts need to be better understood, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says
The Toronto Star (Canada)
Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It’s time to take a deep breath and put pot in Canada on the back burner for an extra year, says Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister. He’s trying to persuade his provincial and territorial counterparts at their annual conference to ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to delay the legalization of cannabis 12 months to July 1, 2019. That would increase the chances of avoiding the “hodge-podge” of different provincial ages of majority and regulations now seen with beer, wine and spirits, Pallister said. “I would hope we could learn from that and not re-create that for cannabis,” he added, acknowledging age of majority and regulations such as where pot will be sold are under provincial jurisdiction.