Eindhoven says no to regulated marijuana experiment

The Dutch local authorities association VNG said it will be difficult to find 10 councils which want to take part
Dutch News (Netherlands)
Thursday, May 23, 2019

netherlands coffeeshop rolling jointsEindhoven has followed The Hague and Amsterdam and decided not to take part in the government’s experiment with regulated marijuana cultivation, saying it cannot accept the terms and conditions for the experiment. ‘I realise that this goes against the offer I made the cabinet in 2017 to help to shape the experiment, but now the details are known, I have no choice but not to sign up,’ mayor John Jorritsma said in a statement. Jorritsma said the issue had been discussed with aldermen and local coffee shop owners, who are also unhappy at the position the trial puts them in. He also said he expects the net impact of the trial in terms of crime, public nuisance and health to be minimal.