The Hague says no to regulated marijuana trials, criticises rules

Coffee shop owners will be forced back into the illegal circuit after four years of selling ‘legal’ marijuana
Dutch News (Netherlands)
Thursday, May 16, 2019

coffeeshop salesThe Hague has followed Amsterdam and decided not to take part in the experiment with regulated marijuana cultivation, saying the plan is unworkable. ‘We consider the conditions are not sufficiently practical,’ mayor Pauline Krikke said. The decision is based on conversations with licenced coffee shop owners in the city. ‘Their lack of support is a clear signal,’ Krikke said in a briefing to councillors. The experiment with regulated growing is supposed to remove the gray area between the sale of marijuana in council-licenced coffee shops and the illegal cultivation and supply. There are many problems with the proposals; the Dutch local authorities association VNG said that it will be difficult to find 10 councils which want to take part. (See also: The Hague also pulls out of regulated cannabis experiment)