Christiania plan could push drug crime into other parts of Copenhagen: MP

The new law will target a specially designated zone in which fines for possession will be doubled even for a first offence
The Local (Denmark)
Thursday, September 7, 2023

denmark pusher closed policeA government plan to shut down the Christiania ‘Pusher Street’ cannabis market and double drug penalties in the zone risks pushing crime into other parts of Copenhagen, according to a spokesperson for marginalised groups, Nanna W. Gotfredsen, from coalition partner the Moderate party. New measures expected to be implemented by the government to fight gang-related violence in Christiania could have a negative impact elsewhere in Copenhagen, a spokesperson from the Moderates said after the plan was announced. Gotfredsen expressed concerns about the plan which was presented by the government her own party is a part of. (See also: Criminologist on new proposal: Tougher penalties are not the solution)