Christiania hash sellers could get prison as ‘permanent closure’ announced for Pusher Street market

Possession and sale of drugs is to be punishable by double sentences in specified areas including Copenhagen’s ‘freetown’ Christiania
The Local (Denmark)
Wednesday, September 6, 2023

denmark pusher street closedThe new law will target a specially designated zone in which fines for possession will be doubled even for a first offence. Any subsequent offence will lead to an immediate prison sentence. In a press briefing, Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard also announced “a massive police effort in the short term”. The announcement by the government comes after a period of violence and shootings around the Pusher Street market in Christiania. The market is known for its illicit cannabis trade and has been since the 1970s, but the increasing presence of organised crime groups has resulted in violence and shootings. (See also: Christianites are happy that the Minister of Justice is taking action. But doubt that double penalties are the right thing to do)