Congressional researchers admit legalizing marijuana hurts Mexican drug cartel profits

Lawmakers in Mexico who have been working on legalization legislation have also argued that regulating the plant will mitigate the influence of drug trafficking organizations
Marijuana Moment (US)
Monday, August 3, 2020

mexico marijuana fieldDemand for marijuana illegally trafficked from Mexico will continue to decline as the legalization movement spreads, a new report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) states. With a growing number of U.S. states—as well as Canada—allowing people to legally purchase cannabis in a regulated market, they’re less inclined to seek out the product through illicit channels. “Authorities are projecting a continued decline in U.S. demand for Mexican marijuana because drugs ‘other than marijuana’ will likely predominate,” CRS wrote in the report. “This is also the case due to legalized cannabis or medical cannabis in several U.S. states and Canada, reducing its value as part of Mexican trafficking organizations’ portfolio.”