Mexico court allows recreational cocaine in landmark decision

The ruling, which does not allow for the sale of the drug, is now under review by a higher court at the government's request
Deutsche Welle (Germany)
Wednesday, August 21, 2019

cocaine useA judge in Mexico City has ruled in favor of two people requesting permission to use cocaine recreationally, marking the "first ruling of its kind," the organization backing the case said. The decision is now being reviewed by a higher court at the request of the government. Mexico United Against Crime (MUCD), a group dedicated to ending the country's war on drugs, said the ruling allows the petitioners to "possess, transport and use cocaine" — but not sell it. MUCD said that they put the case forward in a bid to get the Mexican government to "reorient" the country's security efforts. The Mexico City court's ruling will only stand if the tribunal court, made up of several judges, agrees with the decision. The ruling would also only apply to the two petitioners. (See also: Is recreational cocaine legal in Mexico?)