The green rush: should you invest in cannabis?

The highs – and lows – of the legal marijuana market
The Spectator (UK)
Saturday, May 25, 2019

How big is the legal cannabis industry? Every time I think I’ve seen the highest estimate along comes another breathless puff piece with an even bigger number to chew on. $50 billion? Not even close. $100 billion? That’s only the US, according to some figures. One consultancy reckons you’ll be able to stick another zero on that within ten years. A trillion dollar weed industry? Surely not. Is investing in cannabis shares the sure bet it’s made out to be? The experience of many investors already suggests otherwise. While many of the first weed companies to go public made big initial gains, most tumbled as quickly too. At the end of last year, just when Canada — the world’s largest cannabis market — announced its supply was running out, it triggered a rout in share prices.