High time for change: Flemish academics make case for legal marijuana

With cannabis use on the rise in Belgium, a trio of academics argue that a regulated legalisation of marijuana is more beneficial than criminalising its use
Flanders Today (Belgium)
Thursday, January 26, 2017

The simple realisation that federal drug policies are failing is what motivated the three academics – Paul De Grauwe, Jan Tytgat and Tom Decorte, each of whom have studied drug use in their respective disciplines – to get together. They make a coolly rational plea for the regulated legalisation of marijuana in their new book Cannabis onder controle, hoe? (Cannabis Under Control, How?), in which they set out a scenario for regulated small-scale cannabis cultivation for personal use, cultivation and use in cannabis social clubs and provision of medicinal cannabis to patients. This would be part of drug policies that would remain centrally focused on medical assistance, prevention and raising awareness.