State cannabis sales will not be implemented in current legislative period

Government ministers presented a new pilot project for the introduction of recreational cannabis sales points, although the bill will not appear in the Chamber of Deputies in this legislative period
RTL Today (Luxembourg)
Friday, April 28, 2023

luxembourg cannabisMinisters Claude Meisch, Paulette Lenert and Sam Tanson presented a new bill, which would lead to the installation of 14 state sales points around the country as part of the recreational cannabis pilot project. Consumers would be able to purchase up to 5 grams a day, or 30 grams a month, with two government production licences to be awarded. However, the pilot project has not yet been established in a legal text, and is expected to be presented to the EU Commission soon. It is not yet known when it is due to start, although it is thought it will not take place until the next parliamentary period. The bill on growing up to four cannabis plants at home, however, has been improved and is likely to be pushed through as part of a first phase. (See also in German: Cannabis ganz legal an 14 Verkaufspunkten im Land - irgendwann)