Grow landrace cannabis strains with ‘fair trade’ seeds from the source

Landrace cannabis strains may hold the genetic building blocks for breeding the next generation of game-changing hybrid strains
Leafly (US)
Monday, April 26, 2021

cannabis seedsThroughout India and Southeast Asia, indigenous farmers grow cannabis and make hashish using methods passed down for untold generations. Despite a global push to end prohibition, these traditional cannabis communities continue to struggle economically, as changes in climate and encroaching tourism threaten their existence. Now they find their unique landrace cannabis genetics under threat. Attempts to locate, preserve, and proliferate these strains date back decades. But most such efforts have been led by geographic and cultural outsiders, often driven more by profits than preservation. Over the past five years a grassroots, locally-led, globally crowdsourced effort, the Indian Landrace Exchange, has emerged to help defend and support these local cannabis-growing communities.