Cannabis referendum: More than 100 doctors back legalising recreational use

The NZMA had an existing policy formed in 2012 opposing the legalisation of recreational cannabis, but advocating for a decriminalisation of the drug
RNZ (New Zealand)
Thursday, October 15, 2020

nz cannabis referendum2More than 100 doctors have come forward to put their names behind cannabis legalisation, in response to the New Zealand Medical Association's backtracking from opposing the bill to neutrality. They say they fear the Medical Association's decision to oppose the cannabis referendum and legalisation, without having consulted its members, could lead to the referendum failing. The NZMA only changed its stance to a neutral one after several doctors came forward complaining about its stance, and NZMA chair Dr Kate Baddock admitted that it did not consider the proposed legislation before opposing the referendum. Many doctors thought the referendum would pass, and so did not speak up about the NZMA's anti stance. That was until polling showed the referendum was unlikely to pass.