Money laundering: How Moroccan cannabis becomes Emirati gold

Illegal proceeds are turned into gold in order to evade detection and allow for money laundering practices in the UAE
Morocco World News (Morocco)
Tuesday, September 22, 2020

gold cannabisYears of investigations have revealed the intricate money laundering network that turns Moroccan hash into gold in Dubai. Revelations into the dealings of Kaloti Jewellery International Group in Dubai have unearthed Moroccan examples of a global problem. Earnings from the sale of Moroccan cannabis in Europe move through shadowy networks as gold bullion, destined for Dubai. Investigations into gold refiner Kaloti unearthed reports of tonnes of Moroccan gold coated in silver to evade the country’s gold export limits. Yet Moroccan hash also turns into gold for money laundering in Europe itself. Some gold retailers on the continent are perfectly happy to turn bundles of small currency into solid gold, for a good commission.