Marijuana commission greenlights recreational and medicinal usage

The commission recommends that the substance be decriminalized and persons be allowed to have a maximum of one ounce
Eyewitness News (Bahamas)
Monday, December 23, 2019

cannabis plantationThe Bahamas National Commission on Marijuana has green-lighted recreational and medicinal marijuana, insisting that Bahamians should own 51 percent of the industry in a legalized framework. The preliminary report, which was leaked to the media, features recommendations from various subcommittees on the medical, economic, religious and recreational use of cannabis in The Bahamas. Several parts of the report have not yet been completed and remain under review by the commission. “The Bahamas must have ownership of the cannabis industry so that Bahamians can have their share of the pie,” the report states. (See also: Nearly 7,000 people arrested for cannabis since 2014 | Set cannabis tax below 10 percent, says commission)