CLA issues 50 cannabis licences in two years

The CLA's job is to create regulations to guide the development of an orderly legal ganja and hemp industry in Jamaica
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)
Sunday, December 8, 2019

The four-year-old Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) reached another major milestone last week by issuing its 50th licence for medicinal use of the drug. The 50th licensee is Outlier Biopharma, a Montego Bay-based company, which provides consulting and advisory services to companies that wish to expand capacity and lower their operational cost, while improving their return on investment. In making the announcement, the CLA acknowledged that, as at October 31 this year, it had issued a total of 49 licences. There are a further 16 applications at the granted stage that will be issued on the payment of the respective fees and security bonds. In addition, there are 259 applications at the conditionally approved stage. (See also: Americans behind Jamaica's latest medical hemp company)