Peter Dutton: government may override 'dangerous' ACT decision to legalise cannabis

Minister says attorney general Christian Porter is looking at ‘trendy’ law change
The Guardian (UK)
Thursday, September 26, 2019

australia cannabis mapAttorney-General Christian Porter has warned Australian Capital Territory cannabis users they may not be protected by a new law legalising recreational use, weighing in alongside the home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, against the law. Dutton described the new laws as unconscionable, comments interpreted as urging the attorney general to challenge or overturn the ACT law. Porter played down – but did not rule out – the possibility of the commonwealth directly overriding the laws. The laws are “obviously a matter for the ACT” and he will consider “what issues may arise to the enforcement of existing commonwealth laws that criminalise the possession of prohibited drugs, including marijuana”. (See also: Greg Hunt 'concerned' about legalisation of cannabis but no plans to override ACT law)