Schneider : «Luxembourg ne sera pas le nouvel Amsterdam»

"Nous serons exigeants sur la vérification du lieu de résidence des clients pour éviter le tourisme du cannabis"
Le Quotidien (Luxembourg)
Monday, September 2, 2019

Etienne SchneiderHealth Minister Étienne Schneider hopes that the controlled legalization of recreational cannabis in the Grand Duchy will come into force within two years. For him, the prohibition model in place for 40 years "failed". He is aware that the neighbouring countries - France, Germany and Belgium - are worried, he explains in an interview. "I do not want to risk the day when France, Belgium or Germany reintroduce border controls to prevent cannabis from being exported from Luxembourg to their country. For the moment, we have had some discussions with Germany. France, not yet, but it will come. Currently, we are working on the content of our project. The strategic note will be discussed at the Council of Ministers at the end of the recess." (Lire aussi: Pas de «coffee shop» à venir au Luxembourg)