Economics of legalising cannabis – pricing and policing are crucial

Combination of getting the price level right and cracking down on illegal activities crucial to reach the right balance between reducing criminality and avoiding increases in cannabis consumption following legalisation
The Conversation (UK)
Monday, July 29, 2019

cannabis leaf plantsLegalising cannabis can have major benefits for all citizens. If carried out correctly, everyone will benefit from less crime and stronger rule of law. Legalising the drug will especially help protect young people and may even lower their consumption of the drug. It is also a way of raising taxes for the state, instead of fuelling criminal organisations, which currently control the illegal market. These benefits are increasingly recognised by the public. Crucial to seeing these benefits come about, is the way legalising cannabis is done and how the drug is priced once it is made legal. These are the findings from researchI’ve carried out with colleagues in France. (Read also: Millions use cannabis, but figures for how many become dependent aren't reliable)