Most people accept medical use of marijuana: Nida Poll

86.3% of the public support the use of medical marijuana, Nida Poll found
The Bangkok Post (Thailand)
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

thailand marijuana awakeningAn opinion survey found 86% of respondents support the medical use of marijuana and kratom, 39% think authorities can control its use, and 59% want its use to be restricted to certain places. The National Institute of Development Administration and the Public Relations Department polled 2,058 people nationwide to gather their opinions about the medical use of marijuana and kratom. A huge majority  (86.3%) said they supported its use because research confirmed marijuana and kratom could serve medical purposes and provide treatment alternatives. All respondents were aware that the narcotic law permitted the medical use of marijuana and kratom and 98.40% knew that marijuana had medical treatment benefits. (See also: Five cannabis drugs set for debut)