Israel's BOL Pharma aims for top of the world's medical marijuana industry

The company will sell shares in Toronto expected to value it at around $1 billion
Haaretz (Israel)
Monday, May 27, 2019

israel medical marijuanaIt started 85 years ago as a farm on Moshav Ein Iron growing peaches and avocados, but if the plans of the Israeli company Breath of Life come to fruition, it could become a major player in the world medical marijuana industry. The company, which also calls itself BOL Pharma, took a major step in that direction over the weekend when it filed for an initial public offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange in what is expected to be a company valuation of $1 billion. It’s an ambitious valuation, but BOL has made its ambitions quite clear and has put together a company with research and development capabilities, a pipeline of products and extensive growing areas.