Mother of girl with epilepsy has supply of medical cannabis confiscated

Campaigner Emma Appleby was stopped with £4,500 worth of cannabis oil for her daughter
The Observer (UK)
Saturday, April 6, 2019

The law in the UK was changed last November to make access to medical cannabis legal, but parents have been struggling to secure prescriptions, due to reluctance within the medical community. NHS England says it expects cannabis-based products for medicinal use should “only be prescribed for indications where there is clear published evidence of benefit”. Hannah Deacon, mother of one of the first children to be prescribed medical cannabis, said that people need help from the government, rather than an insistence on randomised control trials to prove the efficacy of medical cannabis. “We need observational trials and modern thinking from clinicians and ministers to make these life-changing medicines truly accessible.” (See also: Teagan Appleby to have confiscated medical cannabis returned)