AMOR: Legalise marijuana

Activists unsatisfied with moves to decriminalise plant
Newsday (Trinidad & Tobago)
Thursday, January 10, 2018

trinidad cannabis legalize All Mansions Of Rastafari (AMOR) said it was not enough to decriminalise marijuana in Trinidad and Tobago, but it should also be legalised. Attorney Jesse Daniel said a directive should be issued towards law enforcement officers not to arrest and charge people for small quantities of marijuana until the law was amended. Charging people for possession of marijuana for personal use only clogged the judicial system and was a waste of manpower. He said allowing people to carry a small amount of the herb would give the police more time and space to go after the hardened criminals. AMOR is also asking for the expunging of the records of all those who have been convicted of marijuana-related offences and served their sentences.