“Despite the rise of gang crime, youth crime has been falling”

Copenhagen's Lord Mayor, Frank Jensen, explains why the time has come to legalise cannabis
The Murmur (Denmark)
Monday, September 18, 2017

Frank JensenAs Justice Minister between 1996 and 2001, Frank Jensen opposed legalising cannabis. But after becoming Lord Mayor of Copenhagen in 2010, he changed his mind, arguing that legalising cannabis could both reduce gang crime and raise money for the state. Jensen explains why he still supports the measure. "We are currently in the midst of a gang war with crazy shootings taking place on the street that have targeted innocent people. We cannot solve this immediate conflict by legalising cannabis. What we need right here and now is for our police to accomplish the enormous task of getting the gangs off the city streets. Having said that, I still believe that legalising cannabis would remove a significant contributing factor behind the gang rivalry." (See also: Time to free the weed)