Tensions flare in Senate over marijuana-legalization bill

Conservative senators seem intent on using procedural tricks to drag out the debate and irk the Liberal government
The Globe and Mail (Canada)
Thursday, February 8, 2018

Independent Senator Tony Dean, who is shepherding the federal bill to legalize cannabis through the Senate, is growing impatient with the slow pace of debate, alleging the Conservative are holding up the process for partisan purposes. He said there is an increasing likelihood the government would use time allocation – also known as closure – at some point to speed up the legislative process. The Trudeau government has yet to impose time allocation in the Senate since taking office, but it is seen as a growing possibility in this case. Bill C-45 is currently stuck at second reading in the Senate, with no timetable for its referral to committee for in-depth review. (See also: Trudeau government should push pot bill through Senate)