Testing of illicit drugs to be done at Australian event for first time

ACT agrees to allow pill testing at music festival and harm-minimisation groups hope the rest of the country will follow suit
The Guardian (UK)
Friday, September 22, 2017

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government has agreed to allow pill testing at a coming music festival, in an effort to reduce deaths and harm to young people taking illicit drugs. It’s the first time the long called for process has been allowed to operate at an Australian event, and harm minimisation advocates have labelled it a win. Safety Testing and Advisory Service at Festivals and Events (STA-Safe) would conduct the drug-testing service at the the Spilt Milk festival on 25 November, the ACT health minister, Meegan Fitzharris, said. The majority of Australians support legal drug-testing. Those attending the festival will be able to take their drugs to the testing site – run by trained professionals and not monitored by police – to find out more about the ingredients.