Proportion of UK drug users using dark net to buy drugs 'doubles in three years'

'We're talking about 15-year-olds getting hold of LSD. It's a complete disaster'
The Independent (UK)
Thursday, May 25, 2017

dark netThere has been a huge rise in the number of UK drug users using the dark internet to buy illegal substances, a new survey has revealed. The Global Drug Survey found more users are buying their drugs on the dark net in the UK than almost anywhere else in the world. The mass of hidden web pages allows users to connect with online drug dealers while hiding their computer IP addresses to avoid being traced. Purchases are made using the virtual currency Bitcoin, which allows customers and sellers to remain anonymous. Younger drug users and those without a job or a university degree, were statistically more likely to use secret online websites to buy their drugs. (See also: From Dealer to Doorstep – How Drugs Are Sold On the Dark Net)