Bill for legalised supply of opium, marijuana cleared for Parliament

"The 30 years' period of enactment and implementation of NDPS Act has produced results contrary to the desired results"
The Hindustan Times (India)
Wednesday, November 2, 2016

saddhu-chillumA proposed legislation to legalise and start regulated supply of traditional intoxicants such as opium and cannabis is likely to be placed in front of Parliament in a Private Member’s Bill. Patiala MP Dr Dharamvira Gandhi’s Bill to seek legalisation of the “non-synthetic” intoxicants has been cleared by the legislative branch of Parliament. Gandhi hopes this session the amendment for the NDPS Act will be tabled before the Parliament and hopefully the Act shall be amended to provide relief to common drug user through cheap, regulated and medically supervised supply of traditional and natural intoxicants. (See also: Bill on 'fixing' drug laws proposes stringent curbs | Legal marijuana in India? Punjab lawmaker Dharamvir Gandhi set to move Parliament)