Multi-agency squad smashes illegal hemp cultivation in Odisha

Police suspect that outlawed Maoist organisations are encouraging hemp cultivations in certain districts of the state
Outlook (India)
Saturday, October 31, 2015

india-cannabis-odishaWith the help of multi-agency squad comprising excise, revenue and forest officials, the Odisha police have destroyed over 3600 acres of hemp cultivation in the State in 2014-15. Suspecting that extensive illegal hemp cultivation is benefiting the Maoist organisations directly, the Odisha police have taken up cudgels to destroy these cultivations, a senior police official said. Ever since it was perceived that the Maoists are encouraging hemp cultivation in an organised way, the State police have made plans to destroy these cultivations and block the fund-flow to the rebel organisations. (See also: Ganja: Orissa’s new cash crop)