How and why Italy's cannabis laws could soon change

In July, Italy's parliament will begin debating historic changes to cannabis laws that could see the drug legalized
The Local (Italy)
Thursday, June 30, 2016

italy-cannabis-legaleItalian citizens will be able to hold up to 15 grams of herb at home and take up to five grams with them when they go out. People will be free to cultivate a maximum of five plants at home but will be forbidden to sell. Growers will be allowed to join to form social clubs of no more than 50 members, where they can swap and share their produce. They will, however, be forbidden from selling the fruit of their labour. The proposals were first put forward last year by the inter-parliamentary group, Cannabis Legale. Since then, they have been signed by 220 MPs and 73 senators. (Growing cannabis for personal use is crime says top court)