Legal Cannabis cultivation pilot set to begin on Friday

The closed coffeeshop chain experiment is to see whether the entire cannabis chain can be regulated
NL Times (Netherlands)
Thursday, December 14, 2023

netherlands coffeeshop rolling jointsThe Netherlands’ long-awaited experiment with regulated cannabis cultivation starts in Tilburg and Breda on Friday. Coffeeshops in these two municipalities will be the first to sell weed that was legally grown and is required to meet certain quality standards. During this startup phase of the experiment, coffeeshops in Tilburg and Breda can sell both legal cannabis and weed bought under the tolerance policy. That is because only two legal growers are ready to supply the coffeeshops - not enough to meet their demand. In September, the government expected that another two growers would be ready to supply the Tilburg and Breda coffeeshops from February 2024. (See also: Netherlands begins trial to make cannabis fully legal)