Tilburg, Breda launch legal cannabis trials in December

The wietexperiment was first approved by the senate in 2019 after several years but has since stalled for a variety of reasons
Dutch News (Netherlands)
Friday, September 15, 2023

nl amsterdam no smokingThe Dutch government’s long-awaited legal cannabis experiment will kick off in Tilburg and Breda on December 15 when two licenced growers start supplying the cities’ cannabis cafes, or coffee shops. Health minister Ernst Kuipers said three growers would take part in the first phase of the project, but one will not be ready in time, he told MPs in a briefing. The two cities’ cannabis cafes will be able to continue buying from their current illegal sources in this first phase but that situation will end after six weeks. Then only licenced growers will supply the stores, offering a wide range of different products. In total, 10 producers have been licenced to grow marijuana and produce hashish for the 10 cities taking part. Amsterdam has also applied for coffee shops in the capital’s district of Oost to be included in the project.