Tackling Belgium’s drug problem: Legalising cannabis is ‘common sense,’ says Economy Minister

"Are Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg run by far-left governments full of idiots?"
The Brussles Times (Belgium)
Thursday, August 31, 2023

belgium cannabis handsA solution to the drug and security problem in Belgium's bigger cities, such as Brussels and Antwerp, could be legalising the sale and use of cannabis, according to Federal Economy and Employment Minister Pierre-Yves Dermagne. "When we talk about the drug problem in Belgium, a radical reform comes to mind: we have to consider the legalisation of cannabis," he said. "If you look at our neighbouring countries, three of the four have already done this today: the Netherlands, Luxembourg and recently Germany." For Dermagne, "it no longer makes sense" to keep asking the police to endlessly prosecute cannabis users and put them in prison. "This repression does not work." (See also: Belgium in Brief: Will we learn from our neighbours and decriminalise cannabis?)