German goverment adopts watered-down cannabis legalisation bill

The adopted legislation sought to make the law more compatible with EU obligations, although concerns remain
Euractiv (Europe)
Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Karl LauterbachThe German government adopted a watered-down plan to legalise cannabis, moving one step closer to the substance’s controlled distribution, though critiques from judicial, medical and law enforcement associations persist. The bill gives citizens the right to own up to three plants or 25g of the once-illicit substance, and create ‘social clubs’ to distribute cannabis. When the new German government took office in late 2021, legalising the consumption of cannabis was made a priority – both the Greens and the liberal FDP had made legalisation a key campaign promise to young voters. Plans for a comprehensive framework were delayed for months, while the research arm of the Bundestag, the German parliament, raised concerns about the plan’s compatibility with EU law. (See also: Germany unveils bill to legalize cannabis)