German cannabis legalisation could infringe EU law despite tweaks

Legal problems for German legislation especially arise for the idea of allowing ‘cannabis clubs’
Euractiv (Europe)
Wednesday, July 26, 2023

europe cannabisGermany’s plans to legalise cannabis are partially incompatible with EU law, despite significant changes Berlin made to avoid legal problems, according to a study from the parliamentary research service. After the German government first presented a roadmap in October 2022 for the full legalisation of the commercial production and distribution of cannabis, it became clear that the plans clashed with EU legislation on drug trafficking. After talks with the European Commission, the three-party government presented a new version in April that was significantly watered down in order to make it legally compatible with the EU framework. (See also in German: Bun­des­tags­gu­t­achten gibt der Ampel Rücken­wind)