Morocco: Two years after cannabis law, farmers in the Rif still 'in the dark'

Kif producers are encouraged to abandon the illegal market and sell their crop for medical and industrial purposes, but few dare to take the plunge
Le Monde (France)
Monday, May 8, 2023

morocco cannabis azila2023 may be the year of his first legal cannabis harvest in Morocco. After years of semi-underground, Aziz has decided to move over to "the legal side." The farmer from the Rif, a mountainous region in northern Morocco that is home to one of the world's largest cannabis-producing areas, intends to turn his back on drug traffickers and sell his kif to companies involved in the manufacture of cannabis products. "Two Americans came to the village a few days ago," he said. "They want to build a factory in the area and will need large quantities. They are interested in our plants. We haven't talked about price yet." "What I fear is that the benefits will go to the state, laboratories and multinationals and that we will be left behind," said Farid, in his fifties, who grows kif in a nearby village.