Legalise it? Czechia moving closer to regulated cannabis but obstacles remain

Because of the Schengen space it’s very complicated to allow a substance in one country once you don’t have regular borders to other countries
Radio Prague (Czech Republic)
Tuesday, April 25, 2023

czech cannabis point prahaThe Czech cabinet recently approved drug policies that include introducing a strictly regulated cannabis market. The details of the plan are still being fine-tuned – but there already obstacles in sight. The exact rules are now being drafted by an expert group. The state’s drugs policy chief, Jindřich Vobořil, said previously that taxation on legalised cannabis could bring no less than CZK 15 billion into the state coffers annually. The authorities in Germany are discussing a similar move. However, they recently had to tone down their intentions somewhat following concerns from the European Union.The Czech government’s plans could run into similar obstacles. Another aspect is that all elements within the five-party Czech government coalition may not be in unison on the matter.