Cannabis entrepreneurs in Amsterdam feel "ignored" by Mayor Halsema

The proposal and possible alternatives are still being discussed with the city council
NL Times (Netherlands)
Tuesday, April 12, 2022

coffeeshop2Several entrepreneurs in the Amsterdam cannabis industry said they feel ignored by Mayor Femke Halsema. They said they were surprised by Halsema’s announcement saying that she, along with the local leadership of the police and prosecution service, will stick with their plan to ban foreign tourists from coffee shops to prevent drug nuisance in the city center. The officials completely ignored a white paper with alternative proposals put forward by their industry, Amsterdam cannabis purveyors Barney's, Best Friends, and Sensi Seeds wrote in a message to the mayor. They sent a letter with alternative proposals to tackle the problem. (See also: Councillors oppose Amsterdam cannabis cafe tourist ban plan | Amsterdam putting up street signs to warn tourists against drug dealers)