Dutch cannabis cafes see rise in business during COVID-19 pandemic

Takeaway sales are booming
Euronews (Europe)
Monday, December 13, 2021

nl coffeeshop queue coronaThe cannabis trade in the Netherlands booms despite the current coronavirus restrictions. Whether it is to calm their anxiety or ease the boredom of the past two years, many buyers say their consumption has increased during the pandemic. When the Netherlands first locked down in March 2020, there were scenes of "weed panic" with long queues outside coffee shops, the Dutch term for cannabis cafes. But while access to bars, restaurants, and nightclubs has been sharply limited, coffee shops have been able to stay open, mostly for takeaway. A survey by Trimbos, a research institute on mental health and addictions, found that 90 percent of Dutch cannabis users were smoking as much or more since the start of the pandemic. Three-quarters were smoking every day.