Blown off: Amsterdam will ban foreign tourists from coffeeshops in future

Research suggests a large proportion of foreign tourists would not want to come to Amsterdam if they cannot go to a coffeeshop
Dutch News (Netherlands)
Friday, January 8, 2021

cofeeshop bulldogForeign tourists will be banned from coffeeshops in Amsterdam in future. In a letter to the council, mayor Femke Halsema, the public prosecution service and the police have said that in the future they only want Dutch residents to have access to the shops to buy and smoke cannabis. The mayor also intends to limit the number of coffeeshops in any chain and regulate the supply with a new ‘quality mark’. Although coffeeshops fall under the mayor’s responsibilities, the new proposal will be discussed by Amsterdam council and there is likely to be a transition period before it is enforced. (See the letter from the mayor: Proposal to ban overseas visitors from Amsterdam cannabis coffeeshops | Foreigners face ban from Amsterdam's cannabis cafes)