Cocaine paste and cannabis in the field of mental health in Chile

Ingrid Tartakowsky López
July 2014

droga_chileClinical observations and scientific evidence - The use of some drugs in Chile remains silenced in official discourses, making it important to clinically observe the various ways those drugs requiring more attention appear, and which are not seen as a priority in mental health. Specifically, this is the case with cocaine paste, widely used by people living in poverty.

Similarly, it is also relevant to clinically observe the use of certain substances, within the same population, that are aimed at harm reduction, self-care and self-medication. In this respect, the use of cannabis in the service of mental health clearly stands out – something that is also made invisible in official discourses. This practice has recently produced some scientific evidence on possible benefits to mental health, possibly aiding the understanding of how cocaine paste users actually intend to affect their quality of life when smoking cannabis. Additionally, possible risks associated with certain forms of use of this plant are also addressed, as well as aspects necessary to bear in mind when dealing with them.

The objective of this entire exercise is to highlight a national reality that may help to implement an adequate drug policy, coherently aligned with what people are already doing in the context of their daily lives.

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