Caricom: The people say 'legalise it'

Caricom's Marijuana Commission was established in 2014
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)
Sunday, January 21, 2018

caricom marijuana commissionAcross the Caribbean the strongest view expressed about cannabis is that it ought to be decriminalised or legalised, says head of Caricom's Regional Commission on Marijuana, Professor Rose-Marie Belle Antoine. Speaking to reporters after a town meeting in New Providence, in The Bahamas, Antoine said, “[It was an] excellent meeting, very well attended, and my distinct impression is that this is a very important issue for The Bahamas. “… One of the interesting things, too, is what I said in the beginning: that marijuana isn't just about marijuana — it's about so many other social issues, like poverty and equality in a society, and that came out as well, so I was very pleased. But [it was] a very, very powerful meeting, I think.” (See also: Call for Caricom to give ganja green light)